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Primordial Mother

A painting inspired by a dream I had involving a war among old, mythological gods. One god, a god of chaos, had been stalking and murdering other gods. Finally it got so bad that it started a cosmic war.

This piece is based on the climax. Just when the god of chaos was about to win, a greater, more ancient deity descended like a shadow over everyone. She was so huge she made all the other gods look as small as a pinhead. Everyone froze in their places. It was the Primordial Mother, and no one had seen her before.

She spoke directly to the god of chaos. She told him that no matter how hard he fought, he would never win, because he had murdered her most precious daughter, and his punishment was inevitable.

While she said this, somehow, everyone saw another plane of existence where she, the Primordial Mother, does nothing but grieve eternally for the daughter she lost. It was like being on the first floor of a cosmic house and hearing her pace and weep on the floor above.